Spring Wedding Colors to Consider in 2020

These Spring Wedding Colors Will Make Your Wedding Stand Out

Springtime is full of life, freshness, and lively colors, making it the perfect season for your wedding. If your big day is around the corner, and you are looking for a wedding color palette that blends with this season, you are in luck. There are countless combinations that are perfect for this time of year, ranging from classic, muted tones to modern, vibrant pairings. Here are some trendy spring wedding colors to consider:

Spring Wedding Colors that Will Be Popular in 2020

This is a refreshing color that has been predicted to take the fashion industry by storm in 2020. You can take advantage of this oxygenating shade and make your wedding stand out. It is a gender-neutral shade that not only looks natural but also captivates the eye. If you are looking for something trendy that aligns with nature, Neo-Mint fits the bill. You can incorporate it into your wedding dress, invitation cards and even jewelry.

Butter Yellow + Pale Gray + Ivory
For a sunny day, use butter-yellow against a backdrop of pale gray and ivory. The butter-yellow accents represent the sun coming out of the winter clouds. You can dress your bridesmaids in pale gray or ivory and use butter-yellow bouquets or sashes. You can also use yellow on balloons, patterned table runners, and cards. For a more creative setting, you can arrange yellow flowers in clear glass bowls filled with grey pebbles. Remember, though, that less is more when it comes to this sunny hue.

Pastel Pink + Burgundy
If you are searching for a backdrop color that is rich yet subtle, go with pastel pink and burgundy. You can use the pastel as the primary color and add burgundy assets to create depth. To get the best out of this glamorous blend, your bridesmaids can wear pastel pink dresses and carry bouquets that have a combination of thes two shades.

Coral + Green
Coral is a cheerful springtime tone that can add life to your celebration. Paired with bright, lush green, you are set to have a breathtaking and vibrant atmosphere. This timeless color combo can be implemented in different styles – coral bridal dresses and tablecloths and green for the bridesmaids’ flowers and centerpiece, or a coral, green and white bouquet, wedding cake and table decor.

Lavender + Lilac
Purple represents class and royalty. Lavender and lilac are softer hues that can be combined to make your wedding a stunning success. Both colors can be used for bridal dresses, the groom’s tie and boutonniere, chair backs, guest favors, and much more. Since both colors are close, they give you the flexibility to play around with them. Still, you need to add some contrasting highlights to bring more character to the event. You can combine them with white, green, orange, or silver to add dimension. 

Dusty Blue + Blush
Cultivate a romantic ambiance using the dramatic contrast of dusty blue and blush. The silent shade of pink has caught the attention of many, and it has the ability to add elegance and style to your event. You can combine both colors for your attire, florals and linens. 

Find the Perfect Furniture to Complement Your Spring Wedding Colors

The key to choosing the best spring wedding colors is to find combinations that reflect nature. If you love bright, neon colors, be sure to pair them with neutral or more muted tones to balance out the look while still making a bold statement. 

It’s also important to bring other natural elements into your design to truly reflect spring. Farm Formal is your one-stop shop for rustic event rentals. With everything from tables and chairs to mason jars and chalkboards, we have what you need to make your springtime wedding complete. Our natural furniture and decor provide a great backdrop against which to showcase your color scheme. Contact us today at 619-356-3474 to learn more about our inventory and to reserve your rentals.

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