Drink Dispensers, Mason Jars, Candy Dessert Bar & Cake or Cupcake Stands

Drink Dispensers (Mason Jar or Beehive Style) – $10 each

Mason Jars (quart – clear, perfect for flowers) – $ .75 each

Mason Jars (pint – clear) – $ .50 each

Jelly Jars (pint – clear) – $ .40 each

Dessert Stands (assorted Cake and Cupcake Stands) – $10 each

Galvanized Tub/Trough (17 gallon) 24″ round – 8 each

Galvanized Oval Wine Tub/Trough (20 1/2″ across x 7″ high) – $7 each

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Connie was amazing!! Her communication was incredible and even though I never had the chance to officially meet her, she seems like an amazing woman!

We rented 3 farm tables for our bridal party and 1 sweetheart table, as well as 2 chalkboard signs. We were 100% satisfied with EVERYTHING. Honestly, the tables were the best part of the wedding decor. I highly recommend this company for their quality rentals and customer service! :) Thanks again,

~ Mr. & Mrs. Wade

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