Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Date

Are you still sitting on your wedding plans, struggling to determine the right time of year and date? Then you are not alone. Wedding planning procrastination is a very common thing. Below is a brief look at the things to consider when planning the time and location of your wedding.

What Season Is Best?
The time of year your wedding takes place will influence where it is held. Outdoor ceremonies have become increasingly popular over the last decade. If you are planning for an outdoor wedding, then you will need to pick a time of year that is not too hot or too cold. Seasons will play a big part in venue availability also. Popular venues will often get filled years in advance. Venue popularity can also be influenced by other factors such as price and location.

Another factor that may help you determine the season of your wedding is the theme. For example, if you’re having a fairytale themed wedding, you’ll want to choose a whimsical venue. This will also influence your décor. How much you want to spend on decorations that suit your theme will play into which venue/season you choose.

Be Accommodating
Considering your guests’ availability to attend the ceremony is highly important. Some people might not able to attend because of their schedule. Therefore, it is best to start with the guests you most want to attend, then branch out from there.

Special Days and Dates
A popular trend is to select an unusual date, such as a holiday, to hold a wedding. Other interesting dates include number sequences like 09/09/19. Keeping this in mind when selecting a date will help you choose one that is less busy, enabling more of your guests to attend. 

Give Yourself Time
Planning a wedding takes time. Even a small wedding requires lots of preparation. Give yourself ample time to plan, and factor in extra time in case of complications with the venue, vendors or other aspects. Booking a venue a year or two in advance will increase your options, as more places will be available.

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