Creating a Diverse Dessert Table for Your Wedding

Wedding cakes, although still a beloved part of wedding tradition for many, are becoming increasingly less common. Nowadays, we’re seeing more and more couples opt for more diverse alternatives that enhance the experience for their guests. You can bring greater satisfaction – and save money – with a fun dessert table, which will excite guests, perhaps allow them to try something new, and leave a lasting impression. 

Creative Ideas for a Diverse Dessert Table

The Candy Buffet So many types of candy are available today, and so many people have diverse tastes. A candy buffet can be a great way to hit the right note with everyone. Coupling a candy buffet with an ice cream bar can make your dessert table even more memorable. Soft-serve machines can be rented for events, or you can buy ice cream by the tub.

Cookies and Brownies An assortment of cookies and brownies is another great way to add diversity to your dessert table. There are countless options to choose from, and if you really want to impress, throw in some gluten-free and vegan options for guests who are particularly health-conscious. This ensures you have something for everyone and shows you went the extra mile to consider each person’s needs.

A Donut Bar Who doesn’t love donuts? They’re tasty and affordable! You can get discounts if you buy in bulk too. Shop around, see what you can get and for how much. Donuts are a universal crowd pleaser that your guests are sure to love.

A diverse dessert bar could very well be a better option than a simple wedding cake, and you might just save money as well. It all depends on how you go about it, and how big your event is. For the cost of a high-dollar cake, you might buy some bulk candy, donuts, cookies, and brownies, then arrange them in an alluring display.

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