Choose These Fall Wedding Colors for a Breathtaking Wedding Aesthetic

Fall is a fantastic time to have a wedding ceremony. Bright colors look amazing in fall weddings. Here are some of the most popular fall wedding colors:

Top 7 Color Combinations for a Fall Wedding

Elevate Your Wedding with Any of These Fall Wedding Colors

1. Royal Blue and Yellow These two vibrant colors complement each other perfectly. The royal blue is cool-toned, while yellow is warm and cheerful. You can use blue as the base color and add accents of yellow. For example, men can wear royal blue suits with yellow boutonnieres. The tones also pair well with white and ivory for other accessories. 

2. Emerald and Gold Emerald jewels set in gold look amazing and so do weddings with these colors. You can dress the bridesmaids in emerald gowns with a gold belt. Sending wedding invitations in emerald envelopes with gold writing is a glamorous way to catch the attention of invitees. 

3. Blush Pink and Navy Blue Navy blue nicely contrasts a soft, blush pink. The two colors strike a perfect balance between bold and soft colors. Choose pink bouquets tied using a navy blue ribbon, and blush boutonnieres look fantastic against a navy blue suit.

4. Burgundy and Forest Green Burgundy and forest green give a natural look. The vibrant colors mix and match amazingly in a fall wedding. You can use a burgundy table cloth with green table runners. Also, finding burgundy flowers to add to greenery is easy.

5. Cranberry and Mustard Yellow The two vibrant colors are easy to incorporate into your fall wedding. The rich color combination adds vibrancy and warmth, perfect for fall. Mustard yellow should be used as an accent to avoid overpowering the cranberry.

6. Burnt Orange and Dark Green Dark green suits many skin tones, and burnt orange is a great accent color for a fall wedding. You can have burnt orange flower arrangements or dark green table cloths with burnt orange place settings.

7. Soft Pink and Deep Red Soft pink and deep red are two contrasting colors that look amazing at a fall wedding. You can have the flowers arranged from the faintest pink to the deepest red and dispersed freely throughout your bouquet. The fantastic part about the two colors is that you can use them in equal measure and they will look amazing. 

Vibrant Jewel colors like emeralds, burgundy, blue, gold and red are the best for fall weddings. The colors contrast well with light hues for a chic look. Do not be afraid to go with these bold colors on your wedding day.

Incorporate Fall Wedding Colors in Your Furniture

You can also tie your colors into your furniture and décor. Farm Formal offers rustic rentals perfect for outdoor and indoor weddings. Browse our furniture rentals and decorative accessories online, or contact us today at 619-356-3474 to learn more about our inventory and how we can help you create a stunning setup that incorporates your fall wedding colors.

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