Building and Setting a Perfect Farm Table

Setting a perfect farm table

A flawlessly set farm table, one of beautifully set artful centerpieces perfectly framed by properly placed tableware, doesn’t happen by accident. The dimensions of your table and the placement of every piece of your Pinterest-able table must be guided by well-tested rules of aesthetics and fine dining. Without those rules, your table will never reach its full potential!

Setting a perfect farm table

The Rule of Thirds

When you start researching farm table options, you’ll probably notice immediately just how many different potential shapes and dimensions you might pick from. It can be overwhelming, and if you’re not careful you’ll end up with a table that can’t achieve the picturesque tablescape you have in mind. You want a table designed to frame beautiful fragrant bouquets, flawless garlands of carefully chosen plants, or original designs tailored to a wedding theme or venue.

The tables we design for you at Farm Formal offer up the perfect blend of form and function, giving you enough room in the center for aesthetic considerations without sacrificing the comfort of your guests. No one will remember how beautiful the flower arrangement was if it’s hanging in their plate, but you shouldn’t have to give up on your dream centerpiece either. The solution is simple: follow the rule of thirds, and make sure your table is just wide enough for guests and decorations to share!

A Perfectly Set Farm Table

Of course, a perfect farm table setting demands proper placement of the plates, silverware, and glassware. It can be daunting to set a table correctly if you’ve never done so before, but no worries; there’s a very simple set of mnemonics you can use to guide you to a flawlessly set farm table every time, without fuss or constant double checking.

Setting a perfect farm table

Letters will guide your way. Any utensils which belong on the LEFT side of the plate has the same number of letters as the word left—that’s to say, the FORK is the only utensil on that side. Follow the same rule for the RIGHT side of the plate—that’s five letters, so KNIFE, SPOON, and DRINK go on the right side. The drink specifically goes in the top right; you can remember it alternatively by using your hand to make the letter ‘d’—notice that you have to do it with your right hand (the same rule is used to help you place the ‘b’read DISH on the left side)!

There you have it. The perfect table matched to the perfect setting, for your perfect picturesque event!

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We booked Farm Formal Party Rentals for my daughter's Graduation Party and it was fantastic. Crystal from "start to finish" was very helpful and personable. Our event was as important to her as it was too us. Everything was delivered as promised and looked fantastic. Loved her story how the company started and that each piece was handmade by her family. WOW! Received many compliments and Farm Formal may be getting a few referrals from our event. Hands down and 100% we will use Farm Formal again. Win win!

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