Add Charm to Your Wedding with These Rustic Elements

Follow These Tips to Perfectly Pull Off a Rustic Wedding

Weddings are some of the most memorable occasions. However, many follow the same ideas, making the event somewhat predictable. So, how can you break this monotony? You can make your special day extraordinary by adding a rustic touch.

Rustic Touches to Make Your Big Day Memorable

Tie the Knot in a Barn
Selecting a venue is a critical part of wedding preparations. Your choice should complement the theme of your wedding day. Barns, with their neutral colors and relaxed atmosphere, stand out as excellent venues for farm-style weddings. Country houses and marquees are also great options. 

Style with Props and Draping
Pair your furniture with items like wooden boxes, pallets, crates, barrels, hay bales, logs, jam jars, and so on. Be sure to enhance the architecture of the venue with draping. To add some elegance, adorn the place with luxurious fabrics such as gauzy drape swaths.

Rustic props are inexpensive, yet they can make a big difference. Thrift shops are your best bet if you’d like to buy, or you can hire a wedding company like Farm Formal to supply them and style the venue.

Embellish with Floral Elements
Floral elements make a wedding aisle look stunning. Enhance the sides of the runner with vases or clusters of bouquets. You can use wild flowers to further the rustic theme. Don’t forget to decorate the reception area too.

Be Easy with Servings
What makes farm weddings exciting is their characteristic relaxed, laidback mood. Instead of a formal 3-course meal, consider something more casual, like a barbeque. Surprise the guests with slices of a home-baked classic cake for dessert. A mocktail would also be a great alternative to the ordinary cocktail. Also, you can incorporate a local farm by using their produce in your recipes.

Illuminate with Fairy Lights
Fairy lights are the way to go when you want to add lighting that blends with the romantic mood of the occasion. You can style them in unlimited ways to make stunning patterns hanging from the ceiling or as a backdrop. You can install chandeliers to facelift the reception venue with some sophistication.

Keep It Neutral and Natural
The best colors to maintain a rustic theme are neutrals, such as greens, browns, creams, beige, and so forth. You don’t need tablecloths and chair covers. A rustic wedding goes much better with the natural finish of wood than modern décor. In place of old-style round tables, improvise with wooden structures like pallets and burlap covers. Vintage glassware also brings a rustic feel. 

Hire Event Professionals
If you need help, Farm Formal Event Rentals will bring charm and style to your wedding with an assortment of party items and expertise. Contact us at 619-356-3474 to reserve your rentals.

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